Saturday, March 26, 2011

Pay The Price

     How many times have you heard this phrase? "Pay the price.... to live life nice". If your in an MLM I'd imagine you heard this your first meeting! While I concede the fact that anything worth doing requires effort (see how I threw another cliche in there for you), it does matter what you spend your time doing. I heard Chris Brady of TEAM say many times "What are you busy about?". If you are spending all your time chasing the dream in an MLM like TEAM.....take it from someone who's been there and done that..... your time can be "invested" elsewhere!

     After being hand dipped in the "system" for years, let's examine some of the choices I made to "pay the price". I was told that Tuesday night open meetings and monthly seminars were "can't miss" events. Unless of course you weren't a Leader, and didn't want to qualify for the "Power Player" program. So no matter what.....I was there! The only Tuesday open the TEAM ever cancelled was the one between Christmas and New Years... That's it. 51 weeks of the year, every Tuesday, my butt was in a seat. I missed Christmas concerts for my kids, school plays, parent teacher nights, family gatherings, weddings, nights out with friends who eventually stopped asking, and on and on. Oh I paid the price alright! But I was "fired up"......"doing what it takes"....."leading by example"....."digging depth"! WRONG. What I was doing was messing up my priorities.....ignoring the people who loved me the most....disappointing my kids.....SPENDING my time in all the wrong places. Sound familiar Ex-Teamers?

     So what is the price I paid in the end (remember....begin with the end in mind LOL)? Well post MLM  can be a lonely place. Most of my true friends stopped calling years ago. Tired of hearing no from me and afraid I would throw the "Plan" on them if they got too close....again. I seriously have to remind my extended family to tell me about family gatherings and the like, because they are used to me not coming anyway! My TEAM "Friends", were nothing more than people I saw on a weekly basis... who discarded me when I no longer was willing to chase the dream with them. The truth is I disappointed a lot of people, and have a long hill to climb to regain their trust and respect...if I can. However....I AM willing to pay the price to achieve THAT goal.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Truth About TEAM

     I've been reading a lot of interesting comments on the Amthrax blog regarding TEAM and Orrin Woodward lately. I was not surprised by most of the comments on this blog, however what I was surprised about was who was making these comments! There are people speaking out on TEAM who used to be in the "inner circle" so to speak. We're talking Round Table members, Turbo 100's, and many others. These are people who like myself spent YEARS of their life chasing a LIE! While I can say I didn't reach the levels that some of these people did, I did see a lot of the same stuff. It comes back ultimately to one of my previous posts "It's Not Your Business". These folks who were running the roads, showing the plan, doing all the "right things", attending every swinging seminar, open meetings, full system.... and on and on.... had their "businesses" taken away by their uplines because they didn't see eye to eye on different points. Oh but don't worry...I'm sure it could never happen to you. I remember my upline trying to explain away a major leader leaving the TEAM, and heard him put the couple down to others! This was for YEARS a good "friend" of his.....supposedly. You see the leaders on the TEAM are only your "friend" as long as you are useful to them. When you stop towing the company line..... they will replace you in a minute. What ever you do.... don't think for yourself!! That is a dangerous concept on TEAM. "Do what the leaders do" you'll hear them say! What you won't hear them say is the rest of the sentence........"Or Else"!!!

Friday, March 11, 2011

A Critic Of A Critic?

So I've had to start moderating the comments on my Blog because of one person....the world "Famous" Tex. What I don't understand is with a business model so broken, and so many things to talk about, why he deems it necessary to attack anybody who doesn't see things 100% his way. He's so blinded by his hate of the tool issue, that he refuses to acknowledge anything else. The tool issue is a problem for sure, but that is only a piece of the puzzle. There are too many problems with this business to just sit down and write about in one post. Proof of this is a quick search of the web and looking at the various blogs about Amway, Monavie, and the like. You'll note Tex..... that they have more than one entry. It's not all about the tools. Instead of gaining allies however, Tex is acting like a wounded animal caught in a leg trap. Anybody who gets within a certain radius of him is going to get bit! Even if your on the same team and trying to help!

I didn't start this Blog to have a personal war with anybody. I started it because I.... like so many others, have had personal experiences in the Amway, Monavie, businesses that I feel could help others make informed decisions about their involvement. As for you don't have to follow my "Lame" Blog any further! You can go back to your mom's basement to head up the command centre! No matter how much evidence you compile in your mission to end the tool scam... YOU will never win because I can only imagine the gong show you would be in a court of law! Somebody else may be successful in just won't be YOU.