Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Truth About TEAM

     I've been reading a lot of interesting comments on the Amthrax blog regarding TEAM and Orrin Woodward lately. I was not surprised by most of the comments on this blog, however what I was surprised about was who was making these comments! There are people speaking out on TEAM who used to be in the "inner circle" so to speak. We're talking Round Table members, Turbo 100's, and many others. These are people who like myself spent YEARS of their life chasing a LIE! While I can say I didn't reach the levels that some of these people did, I did see a lot of the same stuff. It comes back ultimately to one of my previous posts "It's Not Your Business". These folks who were running the roads, showing the plan, doing all the "right things", attending every swinging seminar, open meetings, full system.... and on and on.... had their "businesses" taken away by their uplines because they didn't see eye to eye on different points. Oh but don't worry...I'm sure it could never happen to you. I remember my upline trying to explain away a major leader leaving the TEAM, and heard him put the couple down to others! This was for YEARS a good "friend" of his.....supposedly. You see the leaders on the TEAM are only your "friend" as long as you are useful to them. When you stop towing the company line..... they will replace you in a minute. What ever you do.... don't think for yourself!! That is a dangerous concept on TEAM. "Do what the leaders do" you'll hear them say! What you won't hear them say is the rest of the sentence........"Or Else"!!!


  1. Perhaps the most destructive influence of these cult-like motivational organizations is the false network of "friends" a new recruit instantly gains. I've heard countless Amway apologists defend their own "business" in the name of these relationships, claiming "so what if I'm not making money! I'm making friends! I'm a better person!"

    What few realize is that nobody realizes they're in a cult. Very few are miserable in a cult. Most are happy! When those with questioning, independent minds take the red pill and leave, those phony friends will turn into vindictive enemies.

  2. I always tell people, "Even if you are no longer in my business one day, we will still be true FRIENDS." And I am in the Business.

  3. Rykel... I understand what your saying, and heard the same thing from my uplines, only to experience the exact opposite when I left TEAM. I'm sad to say I was no better myself. When I was building the "business" when someone quit I was too busy "chasing the dream" to continue any further relationships. I justified it to myself while building, but honestly it is a huge regret!