Sunday, January 9, 2011

It's NOT Your Business!

One thing your going to hear at any MLM meeting is "it's your business". They'll go on in great detail trying to convince you that you'll be the boss, work when you want, live your priorities... not your obligations... and on, and on. Nothing could be further from the truth! Here are a few points to consider:

1) The companies I was involved with (Amway / Monavie) preached 8-10 hours a week to build "your" business. Look, if you were just retailing product and nothing else, sure.... you could put in whatever amount of time you wanted. For the record, this is probably your best bet to be your own boss, however you'll still be a slave to your customers because if you think all of them will be on an autoship, and you won't be the middle man...your wrong! They'll show up at your house, call you on the phone, wanting you to order for them, or sell them some of your product....because.... you will have product. So if this sounds great, by all means, fill your basement and sell away my friend! However, this is not what they want! They want you to become a "Leader"! What is a Leader? I could spend an entire post on that alone... and probably will at a later date. Let's just say, that a Leader laughs at 8-10 hours a week. Who's looking for an extra job...anyone?

2) You don't OWN....anything! As an Independent Business Owner "IBO" wouldn't you think you actually own something? Oh...but it's an internet based business, they'll tell you! Why would you want the stress and financial hardship that goes with owning a "brick and mortar" store, they'll say! Ah.... because then the decisions are yours! You ARE the boss. In most MLM's ... you are a slave to whatever company's products you represent.....and their rules of conduct!

3) Which brings me to point #3! The rules of conduct. It's "Your" Business right? You want to run your business with honesty and integrity right? Well you can force yourself to do the right things....but what about others? What's that they say? A Leader...shouldn't force anybody to do anything? Your example of doing the right thing should be a shining light for others to follow! I challenge you right now to think of the most offensive person in your life....and imagine that they...were in business with you right now! I know what your thinking, "I would never allow someone like that to join my business with me". That's fine. Yes, you pick and choose who you sponsor, but what about after that? Stay in long enough, and I'll tell you... there will be people in your group that you could never have imagined! Some of them will do the craziest things! Even....break the rules of conduct! Now "Your" business is on the line! 

So... quick review. It's "Your" business, but you don't get to pick your hours, you own nothing, and your business can be destroyed by your downline, or taken from you by the company who's products your moving. If this sounds like "Your" business....Welcome to the world of MLM.


  1. Boom!

    And that's what you need to know!

    Nice to have a fresh perspective Punisher! Excellent post!

  2. Care to share your upline with us?

  3. Thanks Rocket! More to come .... stay tuned!

    Tex... No... sorry I don't care to share my upline. Adds nothing to the post, and only gives more ammo to those who would like to expose me. Thanks for reading!

  4. I understand, no problem. Would you like to join a lawsuit to get your money back, perhaps several times more than you lost?

  5. Thanks for the consideration Tex, however.... as my name would suggest... I don't think the Law and I are a good fit. Good luck to you however!

  6. Hey, what better punishment than a public court decision and money!

  7. Not very much punishment going on here....

  8. Tex, didn't realize I was blogging on your schedule. Not all of us make daily posts... I certainly won't be. It'll be on my way....
    Thanks for reading!

  9. Perhaps you should use the name "mlmloitering" then. LOL