Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Endless Rebranding & Leadershift

     To quote one of my favourite 80's hairbands Cinderella.... "The more things change, the more they stay the same". Another year has come and gone, and how much closer would you say Orrin Woodward and his clan are to reaching their stated goal of one million people? Oh I'm sure they'd tell you they're "right on track", and that things have "never been better". The truth of the matter, in my humble opinion, brings me to a quote I heard from Orrin Woodward himself, "those who don't know their history are doomed to repeat it". Very appropriate considering the big changes happening with TEAM or should I say LIFE Training, as they are now known. You see, this is hardly the first time this organization has undergone a name change (Hello.. Team of Destiny, TEAM, TEAM Monavie). I'm not here to write a big blog post on this event, my friend at the Amthrax blog has done a pretty good job on that already. What blows my mind is that people who have been following Orrin for YEARS.. don't see the endless hamster wheel that they are on! I mean really 2007 was not that long ago! Remember that Teamsters? That was the release of Orrin and Chris's book Launching a Leadership Revolution. I remember all the fanfare and excitement of having a book on the New York Times Best Seller List! I also remember ordering many...many copies of the book in advance, as well as receiving it  not once, but TWICE as the Book of the month while on "System". Oh yeah... good times! It was used as the book somebody received when they got started in the "Business" as well!  Make sure you have extra copies for the new person you're going to sponsor.... I mean... you're a professional right? Why would you make the new person wait for the information? Do you also remember when they stopped using LLR as the sign up book? I do... I also remember having about 15 copies sitting in the back of my car when that happened, because ladies and gentlemen, I was a professional. I was getting people started all the time, and I wanted them to get off to a fast start....for them...really (this is sarcasm for those of you playing at home).

     What is the point of my little rant? It's that they are doing it all over again with this new book Leadershift! The exact same process. It's like watching Bill Murray's Groundhog Day! You can read all about the pre-order process as being orchestrated by LIFE on the Amthrax blog. Mark my words, this book will be a "must have" to all "serious business owners" in LIFE. It'll be book of the month, probably more than once, and it will be the book you "get somebody started with". Oh I'm sure there will be an awesome back story, like how they donated the "1st edition" proceeds of the LLR book to charity, but the fact remains, we've seen this story before!

     It must amaze people who are looking at this from the "outside" and wondering why people continue to tow the company line. Thought reform is very powerful, it took me YEARS to regain my critical thinking skills. I remember thinking "I don't care if I never make a cent in this thing, I'm making a difference, and saving people from themselves"! If you've been with TEAM for a long time, you know I speak the truth. LIFE will continue to operate in a fashion that is best for them.... always have... always will. If it ain't broke don't fix it! Orrin must have just reached back into his book of tricks and said "Remember that LLR thing we did a few years ago? That seemed to drive volume up pretty well... let's try that again!". Happy belated groundhog day folks!