Wednesday, August 3, 2011

L.I.F.E. The Future Of Network Marketing-Part 1

     There has been a lot of hype around the latest and greatest idea coming out of the Team camp lately, and it hit a feverish pitch this last weekend at the Major Leadership Convention. I can only imagine how many gas station attendants were contacted between here and Ohio! The bottom line is that Team is rolling out the future of network marketing on November 1st of this year. From first glance it appears that Team is just merely rebranding their business (yet again), Team of Destiny anybody? I saw a flyer that was handed out to Team members at the Major Leadership Convention. It stated that the new "L.I.F.E." model "Rests upon three pillars of support"....because we all know how structurally sound those three pillared foundations are! These guys were engineers at one point right? I digress..... Let's take a look at these three pillars shall we. They are (in no particular order) Credibility, Competence, and Compensation.

1) Credibility - Are you serious? These "Best Selling Authors" achieved this ranking by moving their "Instant Classic" Launching a Leadership Revolution through their MLM organization! Most people "building their business" were encouraged to buy numerous copies to hand out to prospects or sell to their downlines! It was a "Book of the Month" selection, meaning everybody in their organization on "system" got it automatically sent to them, and was also used as the sign up book that a new person got when they got started in Team. Show me another author who had a force fed distribution deal awaiting their book! Show me the numbers on how many LLR books were sold outside Team, and see if we are still dealing with "Best Selling Authors".

2) Competence - "The founders of L.I.F.E. have over 100 years of combined experience in the community building profession". Wow.... over 100 years experience! They must really be good! Who knew "Community Building" was a profession? I thought this was a business? No.... only when your really good at it....then it's a "Profession"! The only thing these guys are competent at is finding new ways to drain money from the pockets of their devoted followers! New business.... so I can only imagine they will be revising the first night book. Leading the consumer rebellion....version....what....14 now? 15 maybe? Give me a break.

3) Compensation - So they are going to pay you to move CD's, DVD's, Books, and the like, to other MLM organizations, random people, and corporations? The best part is that they are going to pay "double" what other MLM's pay! Since 99% of people involved in MLM never make a cent.... what's double of nothing again...oh yeah....NOTHING! Should add up to a big pay day for the leaders of Team once again however!

     I personally can't wait to watch this train wreck of an idea unfold! My only regret is that a lot of people are going to get hurt along the way. Financially and emotionally. There are still people who I used to considered good friends, and have gone through numerous changes with Team though the years, still involved. It'll be tough to watch, however maybe......just maybe.....they'll stumble across this site! I will make future L.I.F.E. posts and updates as the sad and tragic facts regarding this "Business" come to light. And remember.....without the "F"'s just a L.I.E.