Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Post You've Read Before!

This post is for anyone that is thinking of getting involved in an MLM, and is doing some research on line. Which by the way, I wish I had done more of during my time. However I was always told that "negative brings you down", and that "the internet is the worlds largest bathroom wall". While some of that is true, how can you truly assess anything without looking at all sides? Once you do that, wouldn't common sense and reason dictate what the right choice would be? Why would anybody who believes in what they do, try to limit your information before making a choice? Chew on that one for awhile.....

If you have been searching on line, then you've read this post before.... or at least a similar version somewhere else. Please..keep track of your out going, and incoming (or lack there of) expenses! I know your excited! I know you have met some people who are "Living the dream" or have "Fruit on the tree". I know you feel this could be your chance......I know. I simply encourage you to keep track of your numbers, like any real business would. If your already involved in MLM... this will probably fall on deaf ears... it did for me. When I was involved I thought " I know I have to invest in my own business, and I can write off my expenses" and "Most business don't make money in the first few years anyway". Sound familiar? I just encourage you to keep track of your money! A guy I built my business with for over 4 years just came over to visit during the Christmas holidays. It's really the first time we've sat down and talked since we both left. Now keep in mind, this was my right hand man during my building days. He was easily the most successful person in my Line of far, and I had HUNDREDS of people on my team. He told me when he quit, he had a $14,000 line of credit to pay off, and $8,000 on his credit card! Just a personal example of what can happen when you are "chasing the dream". I beg of you.... watch where your money is going! Pay attention to your bottom line, you don't have to be an accountant.... out going versus in coming. The money never lies. My upline told me once " Money runs away from poor thinking"....... I couldn't agree more.


  1. I enjoy your posts, Punisher. Factual, to the point, and irrefutable.

    You have much wisdom to offer those who feel the way you felt.

    Keep on keeping' on!

  2. That's not much advice. Watch your money? Then what?

  3. Tex, ahhh.... I think the conclusion is pretty obvious. You are against MLM aren't you? Just checking. What you do with your money is up to you, and the same goes for anybody else! Just saying... there might be better uses for your hard earned dollars, instead of building a MLM business. If I said that in one sentence... it wouldn't be much of a post now would it? ;)

  4. No, I'm actually FOR MLM, just against the Amway Tool Scam.

    My point is your meandering post didn't provide much substance.

  5. Are you high? I'm already fighting the Amway Tool Scam. Get in line.