Monday, September 19, 2011

Mrs. Punisher

     The Punisher has been busy the last little while, living this thing called life.... NOT to be confused with the upcoming train wreck mlm called L.I.F.E! No, I mean the things that really matter like being with family and friends through a tough time. I recently lost a member of my family, and while it was not unexpected, it still puts things in perspective for you. It allows you to focus, and be reminded how finite our time on earth truly is.

     I found myself thinking back to my years with Team. Would I have missed this very important event? You see, when you are "in to win" on Team, it means putting all things in your life aside to "focus" on your "business". I missed lots of events while chasing the dream over my 6 years in Team. At the time it was no big deal, but now looking back.... what a shame. Birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, school events for my kids.... I mean I actually missed several Christmas concerts because they happened to fall on a Tuesday night! Couldn't miss a Tuesday night open meeting! That would mean I wasn't a "Leader", and would be showing others on my Team that they too could miss meetings! That's the way I thought back then. Sound familiar?

     I think the hardest thing for me has been watching my wife try to recover from our involvement in Team. The financial side of it is one thing, but the emotional recovery is different for everyone. I at least have this blog! I've met a lot of really good people, who have suffered similar experiences in Team. The great majority of these people are on the Amthrax Blog. My wife however doesn't even know that I'm the MLM Punisher! A true secret identity! She has however, only in the last year been able to talk openly with me about our time in Team. Mrs. Punisher made a comment the other day that was not only one of the funniest things I've ever heard.....but one of the truest statements ever! I was sharing some of the things I had learned on the Amthrax Blog, about the inner workings of Team with her. She had a shocked look on her face, and I asked her to describe how she felt. Her response was priceless.... " It's like finding out your mother is a whore" she said! LOL! That's totally it! You look at these people a certain way for years. Listen to their CD's, read their books, attend their live speaking events, and believe them to be a certain way. When you find out the can be shocking, and Mrs. Punisher's description is right on the mark!

     That's it for today my friends. I'll update you from time to time on Mrs. Punisher's progress, especially if she has anymore hilarious insight!


  1. Excuse me-my mother IS NOT a whore, she is a 'woman of negotiable virtue" ha ha.
    Just an example of the mental gymnastics many Ambots engage in so as to avoid the truth-Amway is a fraud.

  2. @Connie - LOL! "woman of negotiable virtue" .... love it!

  3. Listen, stop being immature and grow up! This is a business, not a hobby! Seriously, couldn't you dedicate just one hour a day/seven days a week to build your business? I guess that was too much to ask of you... but for some people it never is when it comes to asking of them to dedicate eight hours a day working a job for forty/fifty years of their life. Truly pathetic! Work this business for four/five years of your life and then truly enjoy the next fifty years with peace of mind!

  4. Invictus - That's very funny! Either this is huge sarcasm, or you were to lazy to read more than one post on this blog! LOL! Seriously.....very, very good!