Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Get a "L.I.F.E"

       In the words of "The Rock", Finally.....The MLM Punisher has returned to blogging! It's been a while since my last post, however that doesn't mean I'm disinterested... quite the contrary! The official launch of L.I.F.E. has happened with much fan fare! I've also been keeping a close eye on the Amthrax Blog which is pretty much the hub of all things Anti - TEAM / L.I.F.E ... or whatever Orrin Woodward's next "business" will be called (because there will be something else eventually I'm sure). You see, just because I haven't blogged for a couple of months, doesn't make me any less of a blogger! Nobody is going to tell me that I can't miss a blog post... or that my whole future depends on my next "fired up" blog post! I don't have to explain to any upline bloggers that "I'm just backing off blogging for a little while". Nope... true freedom is a wonderful thing!

      So what does the L.I.F.E. business bring to the table? Well... if you want an in depth analysis of the compensation plan, don't look here. The Amthrax Blog is where you can find that! In my humble opinion... it appears that the L.I.F.E. "business" is just the same old same old! Buy more books, CD's, DVD's, and attend the next function. Get others to do the same....repeat.....forever! We just went through the Christmas holidays, and I didn't have to worry about Christmas falling on a Tuesday night. What would we do? Can't miss a Tuesday night open meeting you see! As I remember it... the only Tuesday night open meeting that was ever cancelled was the one between Christmas and New Years! Every other week of the year, you can bet that a Tuesday night open meeting is going on somewhere! I also will note that I didn't miss any of my kids Christmas concerts this year. WOW...what a change!

      New Years is just around the corner. What will your New Years resolution be? Will it be to spend hundreds of dollars a month on books, CD's, and meetings, while trying to convince others to do the same? If your answer is yes... welcome to TEAM L.I.F.E. . Your New Year is bound to have less time and money in it! But wait you say.... I only have to "get three and it's free"! Wow.. what a deal! Considering after 6 years in team, I only saw maybe 1% of people sponsor 3 people into their team. That's back when we actually had products! Your "Leadership Development Material" IS your product?! Good luck with that. I'm sure during these times of economic down turn, people are just clamouring to throw money into books they don't read, and CD's that tell them to "get on system" and go to the next function! Wow....that's some high end teaching there. Guess what... when you go to the functions, you get to hear about the "system" again in person now! Much better.

     No thanks! I think I'll spend my New Year with TRUE friends and family. Not the ones that'll drop you like a bad habit when you don't follow the "system". You see the "Leaders" on TEAM are not your friend. Oh they'll smile and nod, shake your hand and try to remember your name to make you feel important the next time they see you, but they are doing this with specific intent. The longer they can dip you in their happy go lucky land... the better chance they have of sucking you in and getting you "plugged in" to the system. My New Years resolution you ask? Well... I think the more truth about my experiences with TEAM I can get out there... the better! I pray that more people stumble upon this silly little blog, and make decisions to get as far away from TEAM and L.I.F.E, as they can!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Everybody!  Could this be the year we see the final desperate gasps of TEAM? Bring on the train wreck....! I can't wait to see what Orrin and his pals have designed next!

MLM Punisher


  1. Finally! The P has come BACK to Blogging......

    Are you serious about so few people sponsoring three? If you know this, then obviously Woody knows it, and continues to plunder at the expense of virtually everyone involved!

    I don't know if the desperate grasp will happen soon, but I am am a firm believer it will happen. How can it not? Look at what's being revelaed about these clowns at Amthrax's site?

    Good to see you again Punisher! Enjoy your New year's as well! All the very best in 2012!

  2. @Rocket - You bet I'm serious! Why don't you ask around at the Amthrax blog! I bet you'll be stunned at the responses! So very few people EVER even sponsor a single person let alone three! Orrin and the boys are playing the numbers... I don't think they'll have to hand out too many free CD's or Books!