Sunday, February 6, 2011

What About The Prices?

Sorry to all three of my readers out there! I was away for  a couple of weeks because of work. It did get me thinking though. I do travel from time to time because of my job, and get to see different parts of the country. While I'm away from home I always like to see the difference in product prices compared to what I pay at home. Is it cheaper, more expensive, or about the same? Just something I tend to do. Don't tell me you've never done the same!

Which brings me to the title of this post...."What About The Prices?". The question of doom during my Amway experience. It was a fair question, and in fact, one I had asked myself! However when I actually found out the price of the products I almost died! I was quickly subdued by my upline who went on to tell me "All business owners buy from them self", and "as your business gets bigger, you'll get a better discounted price". I hate to break the bad news to you, but even at a 25% discount (which I did achieve), overpriced is still overpriced! So how do you overcome this objection? I was taught to not even bring the catalogue along until the third or forth meeting! Yeah....that's being proud of your company! I was also taught that if they weren't interested in the business aspect, you could convert them to a customer. Good luck with that! The most common answer I got to that was "So...I would buy these products at twice the price of what I could get them from at Wal-Mart.....because......???" Ah.....because I'm a nice guy, and could use the money?! No....ok....I'll leave now. All you pro Amway people out there, I'm sure will say that I didn't educate them on the products enough, and that they save the the animals... and save the world! Whatever. I hate to tell you this but....John Q Citizen doesn't care! He wants to pay less and get more! I've never had someone tell me their life changed because they used Amway toilet paper!

So as much as your upline will tell you "It's not about the products" (anybody heard that one before?), then it begs the question.... what is it really about then?


  1. Ha! The question of doom.

    Way to keep it real Punisher! That's a really good question, What is it about?

    I think we all know the answer to that.

  2. It's really about the Amway Tool Scam.

  3. The products are a shill that hides a pyramid scheme, conferring an air of legitimacy that keeps new "IBO's" in place long enough to pump more money into the tools and recruit at least one or two others to do the same.

    All MLM's by necessity have over-priced products. That's the consequence of having an inefficient, obsolete distribution system and having to pay large (30-35%) percentages of each sale to many levels of upline. The laughable thing is that they boast they "cut out the middle man" and "pass the savings along to you". Oh my, I just choked on my iced tea typing that out.

  4. man... you are bang on! It's a never ending recruitment game, that nobody wins.

  5. There are numerous Amway products that are competitively priced. Again, IT'S THE TOOL SCAM, STUPID!!! LOL

  6. MLMpunisher,
    Check out my Amblog if you like, Ambot.0: