Monday, May 30, 2011

Closer To....Or Further From?

     Hard to believe it's been a month since my last post! What a slacker. Actually I've been busy with this thing called life, and I find that my blog posts are directly related to my anger. You'll know when I'm ticked off, because I'll post more often. The best analogy I can give would be like Bruce Banner before he turns into the Incredible Hulk. I'll go long stretches where I feel fine, everything is ok, and then it starts to happen! Someone will say something, or I'll run into someone from my past "Team" life, and BOOM! The transformation into the MLM Punisher begins. This last week it was a combination of both! So..... here I am.

     It started off with running into a person I knew from the Team. Very nice person who I hadn't seen in a long time. After we dispatched with the small talk, it quickly went into a "have you talked to...(my upline) lately?" Ah...."No" I said, "Not in several years actually". Completely unfazed by my response, the conversation continued. "Well, it's all VERY exciting" they went on, waiting for the look of excitement on my face (when none was noted they continued). "We are going back to more of a Leadership focus, like we used to"! Ah.... "That's Great" I replied, "Good Luck with that". I didn't want to dig any further for fear of being pitched the plan right there on the street! The conversation was ended with some more small talk, and we went our separate ways.

     Now I know Amthrax has made mention of this new direction by Team some time ago, and I see from my little experience that he was bang on! ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? This is it?! This is the big news! Hello....McFly....Anybody home? Remember when we left Amway for Monavie? The so called "Desert Experience", when all we did was promote "Leadership" material and wait for the 6 month no compete clause to we could all rejoice in the "Wal-Mart of the Internet" idea that Team Leaders had been eluding too!? How'd that turn out for ya? Oh... I remember NOBODY but profit sharers made money during the 6 months, and then we transitioned straight into Jungle Juice sales people! Now some of the same people who were in the Team when this happened....are "Excited" about a switch back to a more "Leadership" focus!!! WHAT.....(Anger....Rising....Must Control....Anger!). So let me get this straight....everybody is fired up to go out and possibly lose the retail product arm of your business, so that you can go out and promote "Leadership" Material that only Profit sharers and above will make money on? Wow..... I can see why everybody is excited!

     To further demonstrate this shift in focus, I see the Team has changed their registration forms (Yes.. again, for those keeping track at home). Now it only costs $122.95 to get started in team! I can see everybody getting "Fired Up", about the low start up fee now! It'll be SO MUCH EASIER to get people started! But wait....what does that $122.95 get me? You get registered to the Monavie website - $39, Chris and Orrin's latest book - $23.95, and a 4 month subscription to the Team website - $60. That's it! So... correct me if I'm wrong but that means that ALL of the money from registration of a new person goes directly to the TEAM, except for $39 which goes to Monavie! It's brilliant really. Whether the person ever attends a meeting, or even sees a bottle of Monavie....the Team makes $83.95 every time a person signs the dotted line!

     So Team members... as you embark on this newest transition phase, and I try to reduce my heart beat from over 140bpm during this rant, I want you to think long and hard about where YOU are really going with this "Business". Are all the changes the Team is making for YOU? How is this going to help YOU reach your goals and dreams? Remember....the reason you got started in the first place? I'll use a Teamism... Does this take you closer to, or further away from your goals and dreams?


  1. Glad you did another posting. Ex BWW here. but these scam artist are the same liars - "we never make any money until we help you to make money." (there's a word they made me dislike "help" - it always cost me money whenever they used it.) clearly the new person has been scammed out of $83.95 upfront including a useless book that has only a perceived value to no one else except team members, and that is perceived only. the new soul is welcomed by having some cash siphoned off without inside knowledge of this setup. the book is just a pretext positioned to transfer cash to a select few at the top of ... what do you call that a pyramid, and in this case add illegal. so called "shifting focus to leadership" helps only pyramid kingpins illegally line up their pockets, no one else.

  2. one more thing IBOs never look at that picture, you know how far along am one is after so much time. i know why the facts don't count if the dream is big enough. and thus, the bane of many IBOs time and money.

  3. Ex - Good comments! The thing that hits home for me is that the longer I am "Out" of the Team (I'm sure BWW is the same), the more I see that all of the changes have been to the benefit of the top "Leaders". It's always sold to the Team in general as "trying to help the new guy", but nothing is further from the truth! It always ends up in more dollars flowing to the policy council... who are trying to perfect the "System"!